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The Museum’s Curatorial and Buildings & Grounds teams recently installed a new sculpture! Duet, by Hungarian born American artist Miklos L. Sebek, reflects rhythm and harmony with nature—a fitting theme considering the piece’s new home in the Arboretum. The artist works primarily in marble, bronze, and stainless steel; “Duet” is composed of marble.

Sebek trained in sculpture and architecture at the State Atelier of Fine Arts and Ybl Miklos Technical Institute in Budapest, respectively. Following a study of Renaissance art in Italy, Miklos L. Sebek immigrated to the United States.

Duet can be seen on display now in the Museum’s Arboretum.

Miklos L. Sebek (American, born in Hungary, 1941), Duet, 1987, marble, 72 x 18 x 14.5 inches.


December 28, 2018


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