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Securing a quality and meaningful internship during your final year(s) at college has become a staple in the building blocks of starting your career. For many people, including myself, the process of finding said internship is quite stressful. I was set on finding an internship that I was going to not only love but also gain the most from professionally. When I interviewed for the events internship position with The Reading Public Museum, all my boxes were checked. As soon as that initial interview was held I knew I was already going to love the experience and my time at The Museum. Fast forward to my first week with The Museum and my instincts were absolutely correct.

The Museum has given me invaluable, hands-on experience with working several different types of events. My weekends were spent facilitating a variety of events such as weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, sweet sixteens, donor events, fundraisers and more. During the week my ‘office days’ consisted of learning how much time, effort, and hard work goes into planning an event. All of the behind the scenes work is what makes an event run seamlessly and successfully. This preparation is crucial because the details of an event day are never 100% guaranteed. You need to be prepared with a different course of action if something goes awry. Event days are definitely fast-paced and I’ve learned it is important to be quick on your feet and keep calm under pressure.  

Apart from all the event-specific experience I have gained from this internship, I have also developed a multitude of professional skills that I believe could help any young college graduate in any field. I learned the importance of organization, time management, networking skills, and communication. These skills play a very important role in being successful in the professional world.

Completing my internship at The Reading Public Museum not only provided me with hands on experience but it also got me so excited and ready to attack my future career path head on. I cannot explain the amount of gratitude I have for Laura and the rest of the team for helping me grow as a professional here at The Museum this summer. 


-Mahea Bowen
Events Intern, Summer 2017


August 16, 2017


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