Water Jar, Acoma, New Mexico, 19th century (or earlier), earthenware with white and black slip, Gift, Mrs. Effie K. Van Reed in memory of George R. Van Reed, 1915.22.3

Dance Mask (Eharo), Elema Group, Papua New Guinea, 19th century, bark cloth, cane, pigment, Museum Purchase, 1925.231.1

Ritual Wine Vessel (Jue), Chinese, 12th – 10th century BC, bronze, Museum Purchase, 1928.217.1

Libation Cup, Chinese, 1830-1850, carved rhinoceros horn on teakwood base, Museum Purchase, 1931.203.2

Attic Black-Figure Neck Amphora with Athena, Herkales, and Hermes, attributed to the Antimenes Painter, c. 530-510 BC, Museum Purchase, 1939.350.1

Chest, Unknown maker, Bern Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, c. 1784, white pine with painted decoration, Museum Purchase, 1944.132.1

Pictorial Buffalo Robe, Mandan or Crow tribe, early 19th century, paint on buffalo hide, Museum Purchase with funds from the Levi W. Mengel Memorial Fund, 1956.34.1

Maximilian Armor, German (portions from Nuremberg or perhaps Augsburg), c. 1520-1525, steel, leather, Museum Purchase, 1961.175.1

Headdress, Kayapo tribe, Brazil, plant fiber, feathers (some macaw), cotton, Gift, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Fink, 1991.6.1

Jaguar Tripod Vessel, Guanacaste-Nicoya culture, Costa Rican/Nicaragua, 1000-1400 AD, slipped and painted earthenware, Gift, Dr. Jerome and Rhoda Dersh, 2012.31.1

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