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In the near future, I am going to enter the post-graduate life and will soon be hunting down fulltime jobs alongside my fellow graduates. However, I have confidence in that after working as an Event Planning intern, I have gained skills and capabilities that set me apart from the rest. Working at the Reading Public Museum has been equally fun as it has been challenging, and the experiences I had at The Museum truly made this semester one for the books.

While interning at RPM, I helped with a wide range of events such as wedding rehearsals and ceremonies, corporate events, and children’s birthday parties, all while planning my own event simultaneously! The firsthand knowledge I got from this internship cannot be taught. You have to experience the hard work behind each event to truly understand what goes on behind the scenes. Whether it is prepping the facilities between events, or meeting with clients to set up their perfect event, the determination and knowledge of the staff makes each occasion come together seamlessly. This hands-on practice helped me when I hosted my sorority formal. I’m certain the formal would not have run as smoothly without the behind-the-scenes tricks I learned from working at The Museum.

This internship taught me that while each party, wedding, or corporate retreat is unique, if you apply organization, creativity, and passion to each event, you will be successful. I have learned to think on my feet and to improvise when needed, but the importance of planning ahead has been solidified in my mind as the key to avoiding troubles in the first place. If I wasn’t sure before, I know now all the hard work it takes to be an Event Planner, and I’m assured that this is the career for me.

Stephanie Bach
Event Department Intern
Albright College


May 18, 2018


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