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We all have expectations of what the "lovely month of May" is supposed to be. Alas, alack,  what to do on that Sunday afternoon when May does not measure up ?

Here's a suggestion from the Reading Philharmonic Orchestra: come hear us play at the perfect indoor venue, the galleries at the Reading Public Museum. On May 7, we played American music in the American Gallery. Our program made musical connections to the arts in the museum and those that reflect the artistic history of Reading and Berks County. The musical styles were as varied as the visual themes.

The Philharmonic first played at the museum in 1962, under the linden tree and under the direction of a Berks County legend, Wes Fisher. Since that time it has been an annual event that has moved in and out and around the museum. Now directed by Michael Slechta, the orchestra chooses a program that blends into the setting, whether it be Mothers Day, Czarist Russia, or ."Big and Beautiful" America. What we will not play is all rainy day music. We want to be a bright spot.


– Ellen Gallagher
Violinist, Reading Philharmonic Orchestra


May 20, 2017


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