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Amidst the gorgeous, sunny backdrop of the Reading Public Museum Arboretum, a mother tries in vain to get her young child dressed in her purple Easter dress to pose and smile for the camera. Jingling keys, blowing kisses, singing songs – nothing works – all the child is interested in is pointing at non-existent ducks in the Wyomissing Creek. Luckily, another mother and her baby walking by are just what it takes for the child to break into the perfect Easter grin.  Finally – success! Now, to tackle the Easter Bunny . . .

For years, families have flocked to the RPM for their annual Easter celebration. Whether to enjoy a walk through the beautiful Arboretum or hunt for eggs, a trip to The Museum on Easter Sunday has become a tradition for many Berks County families, as well as those visiting from nearby counties. Things have changed a bit over the years and today when you visit The Museum on Easter you will find a unique twist on the traditional egg hunt and lots of fun surprises!

On Easter Sunday, families and friends packed The Arboretum dressed in their Sunday best on their way into The Museum, stopping for perfect photo ops along the way. Once inside, visitors enjoyed a variety of Easter activities. Plastic eggs were hidden amongst The Museum’s galleries and children gathered 10 eggs of a certain color to redeem for a prize. In the Auditorium, children decorated Easter cards and made hand-print flowers while they waited anxiously for the Easter Bunny’s arrival. Sadly, not everyone greeted him with open arms, and there were a few reluctant participants. Luckily, the Bunny didn’t take it personally. 


April 29, 2017


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