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Across the Atlantic is on its way across America!

Our newest traveling exhibition, Across the Atlantic: American Impressionism through the French Lens has shipped out to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where it will spend four months before hitting the road again on its six-stop tour through the United States. 

When we ship art, each work must be carefully packed for safe transport. Every painting is wrapped in plastic sheeting before being settled into a cardboard box or wooden crate packed with thick foam that has been carefully cut to fit its exact measurements. Some paintings get their own boxes, while others are packed with other artworks. When everything is packed up, the crates are loaded onto a truck specifically outfitted to transport fragile artwork. Once the paintings have arrived at their destination, a courier from The Museum will meet them and survey their condition to make sure that nothing changed in transit. We look for things like paint losses and flaking, scratches or other abrasions on the painting’s surface, canvases shifting in frames, and the overall condition of the frame.

We are very excited to get Across the Atlantic on the road so that we can share our artwork with the nation!

— Hannah Wagner, Curatorial Assistant


February 12, 2019


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