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Journey from art to science, from culture to culture, from this world to outer space. All in one unique location!

Discover a wonderful collection of Pennsylvania German folk art, come face-to-face with Nefrina, an Egyptian mummy, stroll a beautiful 25-acre Arboretum or see billions of stars at the Reading Public Museum’s digitally enhanced Planetarium!

Come Explore Our Galleries

The Natural Science galleries are filled with collections of insects, birds and dinosaur fossils. Use binoculars to spot birds flying above and see the difference between a juvenile and adult bald eagle. This exhibit is sure to make you want to get back into nature.

The Ancient Civilizations galleries feature treasures from ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. Highlights include The Museum's Ptolemaic period (305 – 30 BC) mummy, Nefrina, and her sarcophagus, which was excavated around 1885—a fixture at The Museum since the 1930s.

The Latin American Gallery explores Ritual Arts and Sacred Rites. Important objects include a Standing Male Figure with butterfly, jaguar and bird emblems from the Veracruz culture, a Maya chocolate vessel, and a Maya carved basalt Head of the Young Corn God.

The North American Indian Gallery displays the culturally rich Native American heritage of the Deleware Montagnais, and Inuit tribes. See the Roach headdress worn by dancers at pow wows, a detailed scale model of a Big House, and Copper Inuit parkas from the early twentieth century.

The painting and sculpture galleries include works by Degas, Rodin, Warhol, and masters of the European Renaissance. Additional galleries include Medieval and Contemporary Armor, Oceanic, Asian, and African art.

Discover Our Rotating Exhibitions

We are constantly putting on new exciting exhibits and exhibitions at The Museum. Click the link to check out current and upcoming exhibitions. If you're interested in Museum Events click here.


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Note: For certain exhibitions, additional charges may apply, and will be listed here when applicable.