April 21, 2015: Find Out What It's Like to Be a Dinosaur!
We're pleased to announce the addition of a new interactive exhibition, Be the Dinosaur™: Life in the Cretaceous, a groundbreaking fusion of state-of-the-art video game technology and traditional exhibits, featuring full-size dinosaur bones, a paleontology field station, a Safari Jeep and more.

Visitors of all ages can enter into the largest and most complex restoration of an extinct ecosystem ever created. The exhibition is now open in our Founders’ Gallery, and will later move to the Meinig Family Gallery where it will remain through Labor Day, September 7, 2015.

Be the Dinosaur combines traditional physical exhibits and sophisticated computer simulation. You'll discover information about dinosaurs and the ecosystem in which they lived.

What did a dinosaur do all day? What was it like to be one? Experience the most complex simulation of dinosaurs and their world ever created.

For the first time, artificially intelligent dinosaurs roam across realistic terrain. The
dinosaurs have simulated muscle and digestive systems. Virtual winds circulate
digital odors. Plants grow and have accurate nutritional values. In order to prepare
for a trip into this exciting virtual world, visitors will need to “dig” through other exhibit
components to unlock the secrets of how dinosaurs survived, and thrived.

This exhibition is presented with support from The Wyomissing Foundation and the Friends of the Reading Public Museum and Bruce and Reneé Dietrich Endowment Funds.


May 21, 2015: History Happy Hour Cancelled
The History Happy Hour program on Thursday, May 21 has been cancelled. Please, visit the calendar for more details and information on the June event.