Jelly Belly® Masterpieces of Jelly Bean Art

January 26 - May 5, 2013

mona lisaThis unique show includes eight masterpieces of art made entirely from Jelly Belly® jelly beans — each a sweet replica of a classic painting found in some of the world’s most prestigious museums.

Each Jelly Belly Art work is approximately four by six feet, and is made with between  9,000-12,000 Jelly Belly jelly beans. The collection includes: American Gothic (original by Grant Wood); Girl with a Pearl Earring (original by Johannes Vermeer); The Great Wave Off Kanagawa (original by Katsushika Hokusai); Mona Lisa (original by Leonardo da Vinci); The Starry Night (original by Vincent van Gogh); We Can Do It! (original by J. Howard Miller); Woman with a Mango (original by Paul Gauguin); and Young Blonde Girl (original by Pierre-Auguste Renoir).

Commissioned by Jelly Belly Candy Company, California artist Kristen Cumings created Jelly Belly Masterpieces of Jelly Bean Art for the company’s private collection. The eight individual works were meant to capture the original vibrant colors of some of history’s most recognizable paintings. Each artwork in the collection was created over the course of several months and took up to 100 hours to complete. Cumings worked on small sections at a time and placed each Jelly Belly jelly bean by hand using mosaic-making techniques. The concept of Jelly Belly Art was created in 1982 when San Francisco artist Peter Rocha created a portrait of President Ronald Reagan — a famous fan of Jelly Belly jelly beans.

This exhibition is presented by MJ Earl, Inc.MJ Earl Inc